Sunday, July 4, 2010

Travel Painting & Journaling: Anytime, Anywhere!

First let me apologize for this lousy photo of Barbara Roth (above), which does not do her justice! She is a beautiful lady, and a very talented watercolorist and teacher. Barbara came out to Idyllwild this weekend to teach a three-day intensive on travel sketching and drawing using pencil, pen & ink, and watercolors in a journal that we made in class. What fun! She taught a variety of skills, including what seemed like hundreds of tips on capturing landscapes and buildings with accurate color washes, drawing people, pets, scenery, and flowers, and much more than can be related in a blog post.
I'm so glad I had this opportunity. Barbara teaches these courses regularly in Europe and had just recently returned from the south of France where she taught for two weeks at La Cascade, Gwen Gibson's gorgeous villa.
Anyway, I signed up for the class at Idyllwild Arts partly because I knew that my friend Gwen would be accompanying Barbara and also because I loved drawing when I was in my teens and early 20s, and somehow lost touch with that part of myself over the years. I was hoping that Barbara would help me to reconnect... and she did!
What I discovered in the class is that I love sketching with a pen. I do enjoy using watercolors to add spicy color to my drawings, but the quick sketches that I did over three days of class time were the most satisfying for me. I learned to sketch quickly for best results; overworked tentative drawings are no fun, and nobody wants to look at them, either. When you draw fast and loose, you can more easily capture a sense of emotion in the ink lines and add a certain liveliness to your drawings.
Now that I have a small watercolor sketchbook and a palette of watercolors with a handful of pens to use (love using a white gel pen on watercolor!), I'll be sketching lots more. THANK YOU, Barbara Roth!
If you'd like to know more about her workshops in Europe, click here.
Here's a picture of Gwen, taking a picture of me. We were out late at night for dinner at Cafe Aroma, all of us a bit tired and very hungry! We had a terrific time together drawing and painting, taking photos, visiting, and catching up. Gwen has such a lovely art studio/workshop destination in Durfort, southwest France, and in fact it was at La Cascade where I got my start as an international art teacher. She and I are discussing the possibility of having me come out to La Cascade in September 2012.
I'll keep you posted on that...
Happy wrapping,

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