Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wild Wire Women retreat itinerary

Lots of people ask me what I teach during a typical "Wild Wire Women" retreat, special workshop events which are held in my mountain home in Idyllwild, California.
The answer is, it's really up to the participants in each retreat! This way, you get to choose what you'll learn. First, I ask every participant to send me a list of her top-3 workshop choices, taken from my web site, my books, or DVDs
I then go over each list and make sure that everyone gets her first choice; most also get their second choice as well. As for her third choice in workshops, that depends on what other participants have chosen. A good example is the next WWW retreat coming up this Aug. 12-16. On Friday, we'll take my super-popular 10 Trippy Tricks 1 workshop, which features at least 10 (and often more) wire links and bead wraps, including clasps. This is a great class because you can use the techniques you learn interchangeably to make dozens of different jewelry pieces (see sample necklace above).
In addition, I will show the Love Knot link and also how to make head pins with both silver and copper wire, using a common kitchen torch.

On Saturday, we'll tackle the 10 Trippy Tricks 2 workshop (sample necklace pictured above), which features 10 more bead wraps and wire links, a new clasp, etc. All great techniques to learn that can be used over and over in multiple ways for the rest of your working life as a jewelry artist.
In addition, I will show how to use liver of sulfur to darken silver and copper jewelry, polishing techniques, and how to use a jewelry tumbler to bring everything to a high shine.
Sunday is day three: our last full day of work in the studio. We'll start with a workshop on earrings, and after breaking for lunch we'll make Basket Rings. Then we'll break a little earlier than usual so we can spend a couple of hours on jewelry photography using props and lights in my EZ Cube system. I'm very excited about the photos that my students will come up with!
I guess it should be obvious that we'll be packing in a lot of instruction and technical information as well as time working in my spacious studio using the very best top-quality tools to make jewelry pieces and components. We'll learn more in three days than you could possibly take in during a typical bead show, because the nature of a retreat allows for much more relaxed time and space to learn in.
If you would like to join us, we do have three spaces available in the retreat coming up Aug. 12-16. This workshop retreat is open to adult women only, of any skill or experience level, who would like to devote a long weekend to perfecting their skills in wire jewelry making.
The cost is $625 and includes three very full days of instruction with handouts, a welcome dinner with wine at Cafe Aroma on Thursday, four breakfasts, three lunches, four nights accommodations, and use of studio tools and equipment. The fee does not include transportation to/from Idyllwild or materials (beads and wire), and you will be dining out on your own on Friday-Sunday evenings. Idyllwild has plenty of restaurants to choose from, for all budgets.
If you are interested in participating, please contact me soon so that I can provide you with more information. Also visit my other blog: Wild Wire Women Retreats.
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Joe said...


I'm signed up for Art in the Loft, but just found out you will be at Kirtland college in Sept., and are doing tribal bracelets, which I really want to do. Any chance of you doing that at ArtinLoft? Or should I change where I'm going to see you?

I was your SLOWEST student in Midland, but came to all the classes and we had Italian dinner together, in case that rings any bells. I've come a long way since you saw me last!

Best regards, Kathy Mortensen

Sharilyn Miller said...

Hi Kathy,
The classes at Art in the Loft are set. We won't be doing any tribal bracelets, although we'll be doing beaded bangles with a tribal look at Kirtland College's jewelry workshop fair at the end of Sept. Hope to see you there!