Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 1: WWW retreat!

It's "Day 1" of our Wild Wire Women retreat; pictured above are (from left) Sue, Lauri, and Emcee. You can see them seated at the workshop table, ready to begin our first 10 Trippy Tricks class. I actually had Emcee move over closer to the other girls so she could get in the shot. Then she moved back to her work space on the right. Everyone has plenty of elbow room in my classes!
Here's a picture of my studio interior with brand-new 5x8 foot windows installed. We now have a gorgeous view of the national forest! Naturally, my students are seated at the table facing the view while we work.
This is Emcee from Hong Kong, having a great time. She made some beautiful jewelry components and I hope she'll put them together in a finished piece of jewelry tomorrow.
We learned 10 different wire links and bead wraps today, including an S-clasp with a wire wrapped bead, and then I added the Celtic Knot link per Sue's request. This link is also stepped out in my book, Wire Art Jewelry.

Here's a picture of Sparkle, enjoying the view. Maybe she sees a squirrel...
Here are my students, hard at work! At the end of class, we were a bit tired but I still had one more "trick" up my sleeve: making ball-headed head pins using a kitchen torch. You can even make copper head pins, and I enjoyed showing the girls how easy and fun that is.
While we were working on our head pins, we noticed a baby fawn outside chewing on some leftover watermelon that I had tossed out earlier. I took 12 photos of this baby! Sure was cute, and what a blessing to end our day. By the time we left for dinner at La Casita, it was 8 pm. Back home tonight, we visited a little bit over coffee and flan, and now it's time for a hot shower and bed. I'm looking forward to that!
Check us out tomorrow, when we'll be making 10 Trippy Tricks 2...
Happy wrapping,

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