Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 2: WWW retreat!

Day two in the workshop: Here you can see Sue (our "Suebelle!") on the left and Lauri on the right, both of them concentrating as they make links from the 10 Trippy Tricks 2 necklace pictured below.
This workshop is extremely popular with students who want to learn lots of techniques in one day: at least 10 (hence the name, 10 Trippy Tricks), and possibly more during a Wild Wire Women retreat! That's because we have more time to practice and experiment over a long weekend. And, even though we relax and everyone works at her own pace, somehow we all accomplish much more during one of these retreats than we ever could in a class held at a bead show or similar event.

Pictured above you can see Emcee's amazing Trippy Tricks necklace, which she made incorporating wire links and bead wraps from day 1 and day 2. Note the beautiful pendant she made using heavy-gauge wire (I'm guessing it was about 12ga) shaped into a unique design all her own. See the picture below for a close-up!
You can see that Emcee used Celtic-knot links, double-spiral links, heavy-gauge jump rings, zigzag wrapped beads, and more to create the beautiful wire designs flanking her original centerpiece. I was equally impressed with Lauri's finished necklace as well as Sue's jewelry, but unfortunately I never got a really good picture of those pieces. I hope they send me jpgs sometime so I can share them here!
During the workshop, one of the 10 "tricks" is to make a Silver Swirl wire link and bead wrap. Of course, this element can also be made using copper or gold-filled wire. Well, afterward I thought it would be fun to create a simple stick pin using the swirl link I used as a demonstration sample. I hammered it out nicely and added some beautiful texturing using my small embossing hammer (Fretz of course) and then added amethyst chips, big copper beads, glass beads, and lime-green gemstone beads to the swirl. The "stick" in this pin is made from spiraled and forged wire with a sharp point.
This spontaneous pin was a lot of fun to make and I was so happy to have the time to show the girls how to use just one of the tricks from 10 Trippy Tricks 2 to make something different.
Tomorrow: Basket Rings and Earrings, plus photography sessions!
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