Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 3: WWW retreat!

Day three, and Sue is looking surprisingly perky! You can see her polishing a wire link from the previous day, which we were able to artificially age in liver of sulfur. This polishing process is critical to the process, but it is quite tedious. But Sue doesn't seem to mind. As in most things in life, the finished result is worth the extra effort.
Here's Lauri, polishing her finished necklace from yesterday. She put together a lot of links and bead wraps, and created a true showpiece necklace! I'm so proud of my students.
The view outside was gorgeous and quite distracting, but...
We had a full schedule of wire-art jewelry to attend to, starting with a half-day workshop on the basket ring. Although the rings pictured above are quite popular, all of us opted for the alternative "Basket of Eggs" ring pictured below. It's virtually the same ring, but with a larger woven wire basket and a cluster of pearls or small beads instead of one big bead in the center.
By the way, I'll be teaching the ring pictured above during the Weekend with the Wire Masters in Dana Point, California on October 31 (kinda perfect for Halloween, don't you think?). I hope you can join us, it's going to be an amazing weekend. For more info, click here.
Once we'd finished our rings, there was a little extra time and Lauri asked me to make a basic Twist ring (such as you'll find on my DVD, Rings of Beauty). I did so, and you can see it pictured below in the center (kind of hard to see) along with a Celtic Knot bracelet I made during our weekend together. The bracelet has since been given to my mom, and I gave the ring to Lauri since she asked for it! After lunch,  it was time to make earrings. You can see Emcee pictured above showing off a pair of copper Heart earrings that she made during class.
We worked super hard today! I was truly beat, and needed time to shower and relax a bit so I asked the girls to have their farewell dinner in town without me. Then I got my EZ-Cube photo tent and lights set up so that everyone could take turns photographing their jewelry. We were up pretty late doing this, but it was all well worthwhile.
Here's a picture of Lauri (left) and Emcee, both wearing their beautiful necklaces and bracelets from a very full weekend of making gorgeous jewelry. I hope to stay in touch with them in future. Lauri is already talking about coming back for another retreat! I hope so. It was a fun, exhausting, thrilling, fruitful weekend retreat. I look forward to the next one...
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