Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New: Book with DVD release!

I'm very excited to announce that Interweave Press is about to release a new version of my popular book, Contemporary Copper Jewelry, with an instructional DVD included! This new DVD was filmed last April in Loveland, Colorado, and you can read my previous post on that experience by clicking here.
The new DVD is about an hour long, and it covers the tools used to make wire jewelry (because we didn't include any of this information in the book due to lack of space), as well as some close-up action on some of the techniques that are also stepped-out in detail in the book.
The new book-with-DVD package will be available in late October or early November. It retails on amazon.com for $17.79, a bargain in my opinion. To pre-order, click here!
A few readers have asked me if they can purchase the DVD separately. I don't believe that this will be possible, because the DVD was made specifically to accompany the book and is not a stand-alone type of DVD. It references the book in several places, steps out some techniques from the book, but does not offer any new techniques or projects not offered in the book.
I realize that it may be disappointing not to be able to obtain the DVD separately. But consider this: Most DVDs offered by Interweave Press are about an hour long and retail for anywhere from about $20 to $40 (on amazon.com). The new book-with-DVD package retails for $17.79. If you feel that you absolutely must have the new DVD, just purchase the package when it becomes available and then donate your old copy of CCJ to your local library, or give it to a friend, or perhaps you belong to a bead society that has a book lending library. I'm sure you can easily find a new home for your old book.
To see a taped interview relating to this new DVD on youtube, click here!
Happy wrapping,


Diana said...

Dear Sharilyn,
I'm so bummed. I bought your book a few months ago but it did not include the DVD. Is it possible to get the DVD seperately?
Thanks for your time,
Diana Redlin

Sharilyn Miller said...

From what I understand, the new DVD will not be available to purchase without the DVD. However, it never hurts to ask the publisher to change their minds, and since so many readers have written to me asking if they could purchase the DVD separately I suggest writing to the folks in marketing.
Elisabeth Malzhn's email address: emalzahn@interweave.com
At least this way, they'll know if there's much demand for a separate DVD or maybe even a download?
Fingers crossed for you,

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