Thursday, September 30, 2010

WWW Retreat starts today!

My Wild Wire Women retreat begins today, with the arrival this afternoon of five ladies from all parts of the US! Tonight we'll dine at my favorite Idyllwild restaurant, Cafe Aroma, and tomorrow we'll begin our workshops with 10 Trippy Tricks 1 (photo above).
We'll also make Celtic knot links and possibly a bracelet... and I'll show everyone how to use a common kitchen torch to ball up copper and sterling silver wire to make headpins. That's a full day!
Be sure to follow our adventures here on my blog. If you'd like to take part in a future Wild Wire Women retreat and take advantage of 2010 prices, I have a few openings on the following dates:
Oct. 21-25
Nov. 4-8
Nov. 11-15
If you're interested, email me soon!
Happy wrapping,

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