Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dana Point: Weekend with the Wire Masters

After many months of anticipation, we are finally here at the Laguna Cliffs Resort & Spa in Dana Point for the Weekend with the Wire Masters! Teachers and students are checking in, getting acquainted in the lobby, and heading down to the restaurant for a quiet dinner and an early night. Tomorrow at 9 am sharp, our workshops begin.
I arrived late this afternoon and a soon as I was checked in and my luggage unpacked, I took a walk around the hotel grounds, which are absolutely stunning! Here you can see the hotel on a small hill above a series of parks, right along the cliffs above the harbor. The weather is perfect, and our setting couldn't be more beautiful!
Here's my room, looks like a comfy bed...
I even have a little porch all to myself (above), with spectacular views of the harbor below.
This is the view right outside my porch!
And here you can see beyond the sea of umbrellas a sliver of pool (I'll be checking that out tomorrow) and the sea beyond. Everything's within walking distance. I love the grounds so far...
This is just one of several walkways near the hotel. The grass is super-green because last week we received the heaviest rainfall you can imagine. The bellboy told me they had some amazing thunderstorms last week. I know, we got them up in Idyllwild, too!
Dana Point Harbor, with some fantastic nearby restaurants and a beautiful beach...
This walkway leads directly to the beach. I didn't have time to go down there this evening because I heard it's quite a steep hike to the sand and I wanted to get a shower in before I head downstairs for dinner. But it's definitely in my plans for tomorrow.
I'm amazed at how lovely the weather is for late October! Balmy with a fresh sea breeze... you could not ask for more. I'm so glad, because at this time of year it could be quite chilly and foggy. We got lucky so far!
And here is my computer (brought from home) in my hotel room. I'll be putting in some time here each evening after class, blogging about our fabulous weekend at the beach. My first class tomorrow is the Colorful Tribal Necklace, a "wirework 101" course that results in a beautiful keepsake necklace or bracelet. Time permitting, I'll demo some earrings as well. We'll see; we have lots to accomplish in one day!
Stay tuned and I'll update daily with posts from Weekend with the Wire Masters...
Happy Wrapping,


Dina Cuomo said...

wish i could be there- it looks fabulous!

eM said...

gorgeous sharilyn! wish i was there too!