Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Release of CCJ with DVD!

Lots of my followers have written to ask about the new re-release of my book, Contemporary Copper Jewelry, which is packaged with a short (one hour) DVD. The new package will be available for sale on November 9, 2010. It retails on for $17.79.
The trouble is, this book was released last September without a DVD, and several thousand copies have been sold. Some readers are a little upset (understandably) that if they want the same book with a DVD, they must purchase it anew. They want to have the option of purchasing the DVD separately when it becomes available. Until now, I had been told that this would not be possible.
Last week I emailed the gal in charge of marketing at Interweave Press and she suggested that anyone who is interested in purchasing the DVD separately should email me with this request. We'll see how many requests we receive, and then perhaps we can persuade the publisher to bring out a DVD separately from the book. No promises, but it never hurts to try.
In case you're wondering why the book is being re-released with a DVD a full year after it was first published in Sept. 2009, let me just say that this was not the plan of the publisher. Before the book came out, they approached me asking if I would be willing to create a short DVD to accompany the book, and I said "no" at that time. The reason? I have four really terrific instructional DVDs of my own, including Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop (2-1/2 hours long), Rings of Beauty Workshop (also 2-1/2 hours of content), Bohemian Bangles Workshop (4 hours long!), and Ethnic Style Jewelry Workshop (3-1/2 hours of content).
These DVDs were very expensive to produce and in fact I am still paying off my business debt after producing the last one in 2008, believe it or not. So any competition with my own DVDs seemed to me (at the time) to be a bad business decision. I repeatedly refused to make a short DVD to accompany CCJ, and then over the months since it came out last fall I began to reconsider. After many discussions with the acquisitions editor, I finally agreed to tape a short DVD to accompany CCJ, which we did last spring.
The new book release this November will include a DVD, and I hope (no promises!) the publisher will consider offering the DVD separately to those who have already purchased the book. It's a nice DVD, but short (about an hour long). If you are experienced in wire jewelry, you don't need it. But I understand wanting it anyway. I love books and instructional DVDs, especially when live workshops are so expensive.
So, remember to email me and let me know you'd like to purchase the DVD separately. I'll update you all on this topic as soon as I have news.
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lunedreams said...

Yay! Just pre-ordered it, along with your wire jewelry book/DVD. Really enjoyed your Ethnic Style Jewelry DVD, what a lot of helpful information! I've used those techniques quite a bit. Really practical and easy to follow. I have a huge bag of foreign coins that will one day get the crap pounded out of them! In the name of wearable art. Thanks for your great products.

Sharilyn Miller said...

Hi, just a suggestion:
If your foreign coins are really cool, don't pound them! I usually pound my American pennies to turn them into copper disks and then texture them and use them in the necklace. This is because the look of a penny is rather dull and uninspiring to me. But foreign coins, especially old ones like the French Franks you can get from WWII, are really cool. I wouldn't deface those.

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