Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Update: CCJ packaged with DVD release

I just spoke with the editorial director over at Interweave Press, who is in charge of their books department. We had a long phone conversation about the situation with the re-release of Contemporary Copper Jewelry packaged with a supplementary DVD, which comes out early next month.
Unfortunately I have some sad news for those who had already purchased CCJ and were hoping to purchase the DVD separately. After discussing the situation at length with the publisher and other business leaders within Interweave Press, they decided not to make the DVD available for sale as a stand-alone product.
I am so sorry to have to convey this to you, believe me! I had hoped that somehow they would find a way to make it available, but they had to make a serious business decision and sadly it was not what we had hoped for.
There are two main problems with offering the DVD as a stand-alone product, plus several smaller issues. One problem is that apparently Interweave is releasing a new DVD that covers wire-art basics and they felt that my DVD would compete with it. The other problem is that even if they did offer my DVD for sale, it would have to have packaging, and that would cause it to cost just a couple dollars less than purchasing the new book-with-DVD package. It would be extremely difficult to market a product that competes directly with the same product packaged as a book-with-DVD, so that was one of the reasons they declined to make it available as a stand-alone product.
I think that I have said before that the new DVD packaged with copies of CCJ is a good DVD, but it is not necessary to have. It has a lengthy tools & materials section because we didn't even mention tools & materials in the book. It has a couple of techniques stepped out, but nothing new, nothing that is not also covered in the book. If the DVD had a project on it that was not covered in the book, then I would feel really badly about this situation, but since it does not, I know that you are not missing any content at all by not having the DVD.
To be frank, if you are experienced in making wire jewelry, you truly do not have to have this DVD. If you are a beginner in this art form, my own "Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop" DVD, available on, covers the basics thoroughly and is much better (being 2-1/2 hours long) than the short DVD enclosed with the book.
I know that some of you are disappointed with Interweave Press's decision. I'm really sorry. Sometimes we ask for things, and the answer is no. I wish it could have been otherwise in this case, but we just have to accept what is.
That's all I really have to say about it, but if you have any questions please feel free to email me and I'll do my best to answer them.
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Carol said...

Thanks for the great explanation of the situation. Since you were the inspiration for my interest in wirework (that grew into all metalwork) I have collected all of your publications and DVDs. I'm comforted that I won't be missing anything. Best wishes. . .(miss you on Facebook) Carol <><

Marnie Astley said...

Since I paid full price for this book $29.95 plus taxes and shipping thru Amazon and its now offered for $16 WITH the DVD in a promotion from today I feel totally Gypped because I've already MORE THAN PAID for the DVD! Fair, would be to send those of us with proof of purchase the DVD for the cost of shipping in a postal envelope. Sorry to be blunt, I know every time I open that book I will be reminded how unfair things are in the business world.

I guess that will teach us to run right out and buy any new books immediately!


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