Friday, October 1, 2010

WWW retreat, day 1...

Our first day of workshops began with "10 Trippy Tricks," or 10 different wire links and bead wraps including the worm bead pictured above. We also worked on making perfect jump rings, wrapped eye-pin loops, caged beads, zigzag wraps, and more... plus, we made Celtic knot links per special request.
Here's Mary (left) and Joan, concentrating as they focus their energy on making beautiful wire links and  bead wraps. Meanwhile, a thunderstorm was cracking the sky outside and we were very happy to be so cozy inside the workshop, making jewelry together.
Here's Ivy, looking like a little pirate. I caught her while she was playing with one of my silk plants. Up to her usual tricks!
Here's a cage bead, in process. Lots of spiraling and hammering takes place before this wire squiggle is turned into a beautiful wire-wrap for a favorite bead.
Cynthia takes jewelry making very seriously, but she's all-girl at heart. Although this was a women-only weekend, she came to class in a lovely outfit, gorgeous jewelry, and full makeup. She looked so beautiful, I was quite ashamed of myself!
Here's Rosy, looking rather demure. But don't be fooled; this little feline has lots of tricks in mind for the weekend...
Best friends Chandra (left) and Kristen came up to Idyllwild for the retreat together. They brought wine, too, so they were more than welcome. I've really enjoyed getting to know them. I've already learned a lot from them about cooking and some cool web sites they recommend I check out. I need to make the chocolate chip cookies they've been describing, with melted butter! Mmmm.
Anyway, we finished the first day of workshops with a demonstration on making ball-headed headpins (using sterling silver and copper wire) with a common kitchen torch. Really fun to find out how easy that is, and how much money you can save by making your own.
I'm already looking forward to our workshop tomorrow: fine silver fusing, and faux metal charms, plus using liver of sulfur and the tumbler.
Happy wrapping,


Diana said...

I don't suppose you'd share that chocolate chip cookie recipe, would you??? ;)

Sharilyn Miller said...

Download Cook's Illustrated free iPhone app, and you'll find their recipe for Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies. I can't wait to try it myself...

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