Sunday, October 3, 2010

WWW retreat, day 3...

The third day of a Wild Wire Women retreat is always a little bit sad for me, because I know that before long my guests will be leaving for home. So much talent in one studio over three intensive days of instruction... it's very inspiring! Here you can see (from left) Cynthia, Chandra and Kristen hard at work on their jewelry pieces.
Here's Mary (left) and Joan, having a laugh.
Cynthia is pressing down her wire ends in preparation for making a basket ring...
... like the ones pictured here. We all ended up making rings more like my Basket of Eggs ring (as seen in my book, Arty Jewelry), which I will be teaching on Oct. 31 at the Weekend with the Wire Masters. Check it out here!
Here's a picture of Chandra's Basket of Eggs ring. She's also wearing a couple of her brand-new Biker Chick Bangles, which she made this afternoon. Love that silver rabbit bead!
Here's a picture of Cynthia's Basket Ring and two of her Biker Chick Bangles. My students are amazing!
Here's a picture of my Biker Chick Bangles, which you can also find on my instructional DVD, Bohemian Bangles Bracelet Workshop.
This photo shows four bangles made in class today.
Wow, and here's a whole bunch of bangles made this afternoon. Amazing! Joan and Cynthia told me how much they enjoyed making theirs, and I'm so pleased to hear that!
This is my sample bangle, demoed this afternoon. I used a silver charm that my mother bought for me in Mexico, and I also added my fine-silver fused heart charm made yesterday morning. Seems like a long time ago now...
Kristen took our picture before she and her friend Chandra headed down the hill for home. Here you see Cynthia, Chandra, Joan, me, and Mary. Nicer ladies cannot be found anywhere.
Chandra and Kristen had departed for home, and then Mary decided she would head down the hill too before it got dark. That left just me and Cynthia and Joan to have a yummy Mexican meal together at Arriba's in Idyllwild. Look at that margarita!
None for me, I'm afraid. I was driving.
And here's Cynthia again, one last time, really enjoying her well-earned margarita. I worked the girls pretty hard this weekend and I think they deserved a break.
Our retreat is now over, and after breakfast tomorrow my last two participants will be headed for home. It's always sad on Mondays when the house is empty again. I'm not looking forward to that...
Happy wrapping,

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