Friday, November 5, 2010

From Iceland to Idyllwild!

Our Wild Wire Women retreat has begun! Here you can see (from left) Sista, Helga, Eva, Frida, me, and Holly enjoying our welcome dinner last night at Cafe Aroma. The first four gals from left are all from various parts of Iceland. They came all the way to Idyllwild to enjoy a weekend making jewelry and relaxing in the mountains. Holly is from New Jersey.
This is what I had for dinner last night: alfredo pasta with mushrooms! Mmmm...
In the workshop today, you can see Eva on the left following instructions very intently, while her sister Helga on the right concentrates on holding her pliers in just the right position.
Sista also worked very hard on correct hand position and did very well. All the ladies are quite talented and I appreciate how hard they worked today!
Here's Frida, looking a little dazed after a full day of wire jewelry instruction! I'm so glad she found me on the Internet (thanks to google) and convinced her three friends to join her on such a long journey to learn how to make wire jewelry.
Here's Holly, spiraling-spiraling-spiraling...
And this is part of the view out my window in the studio. So gorgeous, what a distraction!
These are just a few samples from our class today: 10 Trippy Tricks 1. We'll undertake 10 Trippy Tricks 2 tomorrow. We have our work cut out for us!
Eva appears to be very happy with her zigzag wrap on a large bead. We all enjoyed today's workshop, and now that we've had some dinner in town and are back again, the girls are downstairs working on their links and bead wraps. I'm upstairs blogging, but not for long. Time for bed!
Happy wrapping,

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