Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wild Wire Women: Saturday

Here we are in the studio again, ready for a full day of workshops! From left: Helga, Eva, Sista, and Holly.
Here's Frida (left) and Helga, ready to get to work.
This is the 10 Trippy Tricks 2 workshop, which includes 10 different bead wraps and links.
As part of this workshop, we made "silver swirl" beads (in copper, though) and I was able to show the ladies how to turn this creative link into a pendant embellished with beads.
Here's Eva, showing off her pin! During my Wild Wire Women retreats, I have a lot more time to teach more techniques than I would during a typical bead show.
This is the view just off my deck, right before sunset. The air is so fresh up here, it's delicious!
Here's Frida, hammering away on her wire pin.
At the end of the day, we all trooped upstairs to my kitchen where I demonstrated making copper headpins using a common kitchen torch. Here you can see Sista giving it a go.
From left: Eva, Sista, Frida, and Holly waiting their turn. After we'd all made about 10 headpins and pickled them, we decided it was time for a pizza dinner. We've just returned home, and the ladies are working downstairs again! I can't believe their energy level. As for me, it's another early-to-bed night. Tomorrow is our last day together, and I'm already missing my new friends. But I have an invitation to teach some workshops in Iceland—perhaps as early as next summer—so I hope to see them again within the year. Fingers crossed!
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Judy Webber said...

What fun, wish I was there!