Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ivy in a Box

It was a gorgeous day up here in Idyllwild, with mild weather like a summery autumn. Ivy was cooped up indoors, but she had fun playing in her favorite toy, a cardboard box. Here she is, hiding from the camera. Ivy says: "What? You're taking my picture?"
Ivy says: "Awe, what for?"
Ivy says: "Can't a kitty get a little peace and quiet around here?"
Ivy says: "Com'on now, that's enough!"
Sparkle says: "If Ivy was smart, she'd hide in the sink with me!"
Happy holidays from Ivy & Sparkle...


lunedreams said...

OMG I love cats. Ours loved shoe boxes, and they were most definitely NOT shoebox-sized cats. They rather preferred sitting in the empty tub to the sink, and licking those delicious leftover soap bubbles (gah!).

Sharilyn Miller said...

I know, my cats will lick up the most disgusting things... but I love 'em!

cjvierow said...

Sharilyn--Thanks for sharing the pictures of your pretty "fur children"--I have a Siamese who likes to sit in the sink and scope out the birds. She wouldn't know what to do with a bird if she caught it! She also loves boxes and paper bags. CJ