Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day to save $10 on Arty Jewelry or 100 Art-Jewelry Inspirations!

Today is December 31, 2010, and that means it's the last day for you to save on my two most recent books: Arty Jewelry and 100 Art-Jewelry Inspirations.
Arty Jewelry includes 11 jewelry projects that I recently designed, each one clearly stepped out in full color photography and large-print type on premium paper. It's easy to follow the steps to make your own "arty jewelry" using your favorite beads and either copper or silver wire.
100 Art-Jewelry Inspirations is my artist portfolio featuring more than 100 jewelry pieces photographed in full color. You will find bracelets, necklaces, pins, and earrings made in 2001-2009, but no instructions. Lots of eye candy, though! I hope it inspires you.
To take advantage of the $10 discount you can receive by ordering these books, type in the following codes when you check out:
If shipping to the USA, type in CHEER.
If shipping to a UK address, type in CHEER1.
If shipping to Europe, type in CHEER2.
If shipping to Canada, type in CHEER3.
If shipping to Australia, type in CHEER4
I wish everyone a happy and safe NEW YEAR! May 2011 be a blessing for all of us.
Happy wrapping,

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