Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brand-NEW book: Arty Jewelry II

I'm so excited to have finally finished this book, which has been several months in the making and designing!
Arty Jewelry II includes 10 jewelry projects, a short section on using liver of sulfur, and lots of inspiration for your own jewelry designs. Here's the table of contents:
1. Buttons & Beads Bracelet
2. Ripple Pin
3. Star-Flower Earrings
4. Overhand Knot Ring
5. Fleur Bangle Bracelet
6. Coil-Wrapped Fibula
7. Ripple Earrings
8. Coil-Wrapped Ring
9. Garden Bracelet
10. Handmade Ear Wires
Aging & Polishing Jewelry
Check out the free 15-page preview on www.blurb.com. I hope you like it!
Happy wrapping,


Carole Segal said...

As usual, your book looks fascinating. I love the look of your mixed media jewelry. Carole

rachelnelsonsmith said...

Wow, congratulations, Sharilyn!