Friday, January 28, 2011

Pre-order Wire Art Jewelry Workshop!

I just received word from Interweave Press today that Wire Art Jewelry Workshop is available for pre-order! They sent me an email with lots of beautiful pictures from the book and a great description.
WAJWorkshop is the book I sold to Interweave Press when I realized that publishing a how-to jewelry making book in black and white (Wire Art Jewelry) was a big mistake. Others have self-published similar books in b&w, so I never anticipated that it would pose a problem. However, I do listen to my readers and appreciate the comments posted and emailed by my customers, so I got the message loud and clear when they told me how disappointed they were in the b&w version of Wire Art Jewelry.
The projects in this book are some of my favorites, and, although I am biased, I have to say that I think they're gorgeous. I certainly would want to learn how to make them if I had not designed them myself! So, I sold the book—including text and photos that I took myself—to Interweave Press. They used my text and step-by-step photos, and took new "beauty shots" of the finished pieces. They redesigned the entire book so that it is beautifully laid out, inspirational, and easy to read. Last summer I went out to Loveland, Colorado to tape an hour-long DVD to accompany the WAJWorkshop book, and soon the book-with-DVD package will be available to everyone.
The best news (to me) is that although this book is stuffed with projects and technique, the editors were able to work with the designers to include every single project! Not one thing is missing from the original book, and I'm thrilled with that.
WAJWorkshop's release date is in April, but you can pre-order it now by clicking here.
I hope you like it.
Happy wrapping,

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Rochelle said...

Love your pin! When can you come to Colorado? :)