Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Arty Jewelry & Arty Jewelry II on!

I've just managed to upload my two new e-books (Arty Jewelry & Arty Jewelry II) to the web site, where you can download them to your kindle device or use the FREE software that amazon provides to read books on your smart phone, iPad, or computer. For more information on these e-books please have a look at my previous post (April 5, 2011) which provides all the details.
It's really exciting to finally finish a huge project like these two e-books, which retail for $9.99 each. If you prefer to read them in the paperback versions, they'll set you back 30 bucks plus shipping (just go to and type in my name). Otherwise, download the e-book versions using either Barnes & Noble's nook (device or software) or Amazon's kindle (device or software).
One caveat: I provided full color photos (over 200 in each book), but the kindle is only readable in black and white, so if you download your e-books to a kindle everything will appear without color. However, you can easily use Amazon's free software to turn your iPhone or other smart phone, BlackBerry, iPad, PC or Mac computer, etc. into an e-reader device that provides images in full color.
I read books on my iPhone all the time, and in fact I order very few printed books these days. It's just so easy and convenient and portable... and saves a few trees as well!
Happy wrapping,


Susyny2 said...

HI Sharilyn,
After being away from wire craft, I returned to realize that I'm out of shape.. I just bought your e-book Arty Jewelry and love it, lots of good photos and explanations. I know it will be hard for me to go to one of your retreats or to Italy.. so I am going to do the best thing, buy your books :-) Going to buy volume II right now. Keep the good work and thank you. Your work as always.... inspire me!


Sharilyn Miller said...

Oh, I'm so glad you like my new ebook! Please leave a comment on or if you get time. I appreciate honest reviews of my books!

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