Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FREE Book & DVD offer!!!

Patti Bullard over at Wired Up Beads (makers of my very favorite pliers, Wubbers!) is offering this incredible deal that you don't want to miss. Purchase just three Wubbers tools direct from the Wired Up Beads web site and get a copy of my latest book, Wire Art Jewelry Workshop, with DVD, for FREE.
This is an amazing opportunity. I use and highly recommend the Wubbers pliers to anyone who is serious about making beautiful wire jewelry and keeping his or her hands safe from harm. I have successfully used my Wubbers on all wire gauges up to 8-gauge (yes, EIGHT gauge) without stressing my hands, without causing injury. I love the big "classic" size but for those with smaller hands, you might prefer the "baby" Wubbers.
I especially love the big bail-forming pliers, and I've also been using my bent chain-nose pliers a lot lately for opening and closing jump rings and other links. You will love these pliers, and for a limited time if you purchase just three pair you get a FREE copy of my new book.
Just enter WUBDEALS in the "special requests" section of the shopping cart, and that's it!
Offer expires at midnight on April 29, so get your orders in soon.
Happy wrapping,


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks for the heads-up on this great deal. I have been eyeing the Wubbers bail makers for quite awhile but hadn't done anything about it so yesterday was the day to order all three of them so I could get your book and DVD, also! Can't wait to get going with these when they arrive.

Sharilyn Miller said...

You will LOVE the wobblers, Susan. And I hope you like my book, too. Wow, to get a FREE copy of the book with an instructional DVD too, that is just amazing. Enjoy!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Sharilyn! I received my package from Wired Up Beads today and was so excited! The processing and service have been great, and the packaging more than you usually see with shipments of this kind, including a hand-written note from one of the employees hoping I would enjoy your book and DVD as well as the Wubbers!

I have only had time to scan the photos of the projects in your book, but will take it with me in our soon-to-be RV trip for five days of relaxation. Needless to say, my jewelry and watercolor painting supplies will be included in the packing, along with my new tools and book from you!

Such a great deal!