Sunday, May 29, 2011

Arty Jewelry III Sneak Peek: Silver Swirl Stickpin

I'm getting ready for my next Wild Wire Women retreat, which begins on Thursday evening, but in the meantime I've finished the step-by-step photography for the latest jewelry piece that will appear in my next ebook, Arty Jewelry III.
The bead-and-pearl embellished Silver Swirl Stickpin is really fun to make and presents all sorts of creative possibilities. You could fashion your pin using gold, copper, brass, or bronze wire instead of the sterling silver wire that I used, and your design will depend largely on which beads and/or pearls you use to embellish your pin. I took 44 closeup shots of the step-by-step process to show you how to make a Silver Swirl Stickpin of your own... Look for Arty Jewelry III this summer on and!
You can still download Arty Jewelry and Arty Jewelry II for just $9.99 each through the same outlets. I provide several jewelry projects in each ebook and they are all clearly stepped out with closeup color photographs and detailed instructions (hundreds of photos per book). If you'd like to see the actual projects offered in each ebook, just click on the links above.
Soon I need to put the photo equipment away and start organizing the studio to welcome four ladies to my next Wild Wire Women retreat. I'm really looking forward to this one, because they've chosen some beautiful and challenging jewelry projects to make. I hope you'll follow us next weekend as we have a great time in Idyllwild!
Happy wrapping,


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