Friday, May 6, 2011

More Fun in the Studio!

Have any of you tried using an engraver on metal? I have a Dremel® engraver that I just love for practical purposes such as engraving my name on my tools (works on the wooden handle or the metal tool itself) but lately I pondered, wouldn't be FUN to use an engraver on metal for decorative purposes?
For the leaf bangle above, I drew a simple leaf shape in copper sheet and sawed it out. Then I did lots of filing and polishing to smooth the edges, hammered the edges with various texturing hammers (Fretz being my favorite brand) and thought, what's next?
So I freehand drew some simple shapes in the leaf using a Sharpie, and then experimented with my Dremel® engraver. It's a great little tool and not too expensive (under $20), lots of fun to use but I do suggest earplugs! The vibrating noise is horrific, and you have to get really close up to it to see what you're doing.
I think I'll be using my engraver a lot more now, for fun as well as practical projects!
Happy wrapping,


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Sharilyn, you must have been reading my mind! I have been making (and selling!) lots of copper disc earrings lately. they seem to be very popular. In my quest to have no two sets alike, I have been texturing them, torching them to bring out different colors, and pairing them with dangles, etc. to make each set unique. What a great idea to use an engraver! I have one just sitting in my studio and had not thought to use it.

Thanks for the inspiration. I appreciate your books and blog!

Carol said...

So, that's what that little tool is good for? Awesome! Can't wait to clear off the mess in the studio and start making new messes! Thanks for sharing your beautiful new piece!

Patti said...

Sharilyn, you never cease to amaze me! I really love your engraving! Great design!

Sharilyn Miller said...

Thanks for all the great feedback! It sure was fun. I love my engraving tool, and just showed my friend Pene how to use it. She loves it too... I think she's going to buy one as soon as possible. The creative potential for this little tool is unlimited!

anonymous said...

OMG, you just keep getting better!!
I love metal working, you are my HERO Sharilyn.

Cheryl from Menifee