Thursday, May 19, 2011

Retreat starts tonight! And another Arty Jewelry III sneak peek...

My next Wild Wire Women retreat begins tonight with a welcome dinner at our favorite restaurant, Cafe Aroma! I have reserved a table for three, hoping that we get Casey Abrams' couch seat in the back. It's been a favorite spot of my family's for years, so my fingers are crossed.
It's challenging for me to blog each day during a retreat because I work so hard and every night I'm just beat. BUT, if I can, I will! I like having you read along as we pursue our passion for jewelry making with wire, beads, and metals. Check back here tomorrow through Sunday and I will post at least once, if not every day.
We're making the Green Goddess necklace, having a Day of Earrings, and finishing with Fibulas and Spiral-Top pins, with (time permitting) my newest design, the Ripple Pin that is featured in my new eBook, Arty Jewelry II.
My students arrive in just a few hours, so I'd better get back to work. In the meantime, I'm leaving you with a couple pictures from the eBook I'm currently at work on: Arty Jewelry III. Pictured above you see my Embellished Copper Washer bracelet with big washers from Harbor Freight that have been textured several different ways. I took 55 step-by-step close-up photos conveying all the information I wanted to provide, including several photos showing some of my favorite ways to texture metal:
I'm really getting into this and LOVING metal. Just purchased a big box of copper sheet in gauges 20-28, and exploring ways to alter it with forging, folding, striking, cutting, dapping, and torching. It sounds like torture, but the results are amazing. I love it.
Happy wrapping,


Susan said...

That is stunning and just the kind of thing I would make. My dream is to get to your retreat. This year!

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