Friday, May 20, 2011

WWW Retreat, Day 1...

Our Wild Wire Women retreat began today with a lesson in the kitchen: making ball-headed head-pins with a micro torch. Laurel (on the left) is getting ready to try it, while Marie waits her turn. After making tons of headpins, we removed the fire scale using a simple acid solution. We were off to a good start...
Our first project of the day was the most complicated: Angel's Earrings (from Wire Art Jewelry Workshop), which includes lots of coiling with fine-gauge wire and spiraling, wrapped eye-pin loops, and handmade ear wires. We finished just before lunch.
Here's Marie, showing off her lovely earrings! Our lunch today was a potato bar with sweet and russet potatoes, chili, cheese, guacamole, green salad, jicama, and all the fixin's. Yummo!
Back in the studio, we made a pair of Ripple Earrings (from Arty Jewelry II). I took photos of our progress but they're just studio pix, not taken under very good lighting. We'll artificially age our jewelry tomorrow and start taking good photos of everything on Sunday, so stay tuned for better pix.
Ivy kept us company in the studio while we...
... made Squiggle Earrings (from Wire Art Jewelry Workshop). Every single earring comes out different, which is why I love them so much.
We had a gorgeous, sunny day and the view was quite distracting while we worked. I had the windows open for a fresh breeze and we listened to the quail and the grey squirrels chattering away.
Our final earring project of the day, Snake Vertebra Earrings (from Wire Art Jewelry Workshop), was a nice wrap-up for our intensive workshop. I'm just amazed at how much we all accomplished in such a short time. It was fun but we're ready to take it easy now. Laurel and Marie went out for dinner while I stayed behind to clean up the kitchen and get prepped for tomorrow's activities. We're making the Green Goddess necklace!
Happy wrapping,


Sherri said...

What a fun and productive day! Love, love al the earrings but I especially love the Squiggle ones!! Would one day love to make it to one of your retreats! Looks like my kind of weekend!! Have fun and enjoy the rest of your time : ) Sherri

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