Thursday, June 9, 2011

Arty Jewelry III Cover Design

The final design for Arty Jewelry III's cover has been approved and we are ready to go forward with the contents! It's such an exciting moment to see your book cover for the first time ~ nothing can really compare to it, except perhaps childbirth.
While my new eBook is still in the editing stages, I now have a gorgeous cover for it and I am so excited, I just had to share it with you. As soon as it's ready for download at $9.99, I'll make an announcement.
For now, just a bit about the contents. For one thing, it's huge! I took 241 photos to convey all the step-by-step information required to make nine original jewelry projects. I also beefed up the tools section and basic how-to's quite considerably, adding lots of instruction and information with stepped-out photos to get you started.
For instance, I'll show you how to ball up headpins with a kitchen torch and how to make a safe and easy pickle solution to remove the fire scale, which can be easily disposed of because it was made to go through plumbing. I added lots of techniques for texturing your copper washers, too:
And of course, the curly wire embellishment featured on the cover image, Embellished Copper Washer bracelet. It took 57 photos to provide all the step-by-step info you need to make your own unique bracelet in this style ~ and this is just one of nine original jewelry projects found in Arty Jewelry III.
You can preview the contents by clicking here!
As soon as Arty Jewelry III is ready for download, I'll let you know. For now, happy wrapping!


Judy A in Idy said...

I love my Arty Jewelry & Arty Jewelry II books--so I am excited about the future release of Arty Jewelry III. Your books are always so well produced, full of information and excellent designs, and the new ebooks are so affordable!
~~Judy, AussenWolf Designs

Frozen Fire Glass said...

Will this book only be available as a download? I hope not as I enjoy having my book to refer to on my work table as I am working.

Sharilyn Miller said...

Sorry Francesca, Arty Jewelry III is an eBook only. I cannot afford the astronomical costs of printing a book of this size with so many photos, especially in full color as a book of this nature requires. If you have a computer (PC or Mac) or an iPad, smart phone or similar device, you can very easily read all of my Arty Jewelry eBooks. They are transportable too, much more so than a library of printed books. Once you get into eBooks, you'll love them!