Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Arty Jewelry III Final Sneak Peek: Woven Treasures Pendant

So this is it: my final "sneak peek" into my newest eBook, Arty Jewelry III, is the Woven Treasures Pendant.
I'm very happy with this fun design, and even more thrilled that I've finally finished my book!!! It is very much like having a child. You start out very excited, but by the end you just want to be finished and done... which I am! Now I can deliver my document to my editor, who will turn it into a terrific new eBook with an interactive table of contents and web links to great resources.
Arty Jewelry III has nine new, original jewelry projects plus a thorough discussion of the tools and materials needed to make artistic jewelry using wire, beads, and pearls. There are hundreds of closeup photographs illustrating the projects, so you won't miss a step. And I have expanded the "Basics" section to ensure that everyone is on the same page once you start making the projects.
As soon as Arty Jewelry III is ready to download to your kindle, nook, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Mac or PC, etc. I will let you know. It will be available via and; probably by the end of this month.
Meanwhile, I am extending the sale on my instructional DVDs. For a limited time, they're just $19.95 each! You can learn more about them and see color photos of all the projects you can make by visiting:
Happy wrapping,


Diana said...

Oooooh, pretty! Is this book going to be released in...well, actual paper book form?

Sharilyn Miller said...

No I'm sorry but Arty Jewelry III is an eBook only.

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