Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun with Ivy in the Studio!

I had fun with Ivy in the studio today! She loves to accompany me everywhere... I'm sure you know the type! In the studio, the kitchen, the bathroom, etc. there is no room off limits to this curious and affectionate kitty. But it really drives me nuts when she pops into my photo tent during a session with my camera. Once I get cat hairs in the photo tent, it's very difficult to clean them out.
Today I was photographing three new cuff bangles that I'm now teaching and before I knew it, Ivy had joined in on the fun. After scooting her out (nicely!), I got the following shot:
Up front is a copper cuff bracelet made with engraved metal with a micro fold-formed copper piece attached with nuts & bolts. This is followed by a vintage leather button topped by a Roman coin purchased in Italy, a Bali silver bead cap, and another vintage crystal button.
To the left behind the engraved cuff is a simple etched copper cuff. Etching is so much fun, and not very difficult, although you will need to learn some basic safety techniques.
Finally, in the back is a fold-formed cuff with lots of hammering, stamping and punching. Let me emphasize, lots of hammering! And you have to keep annealing the thing every few minutes, it's quite a chore. But, the results are so worthwhile!
All the cuffs were antiqued in liver of sulfur, and polished. In this workshop, you will learn:
Design considerations
Cutting and filing sheet metal
Annealing metal with a torch
Pickling in an acid solution (safe for use at home)
Etching metal
Engraving metal
Micro fold-forming
Cold connections
Metal shaping
Filing and polishing
Safety tips galore!!!
If you're interested, I do still have some openings in my Wild Wire Women retreats this summer and fall. My last retreat before I depart to teach for a week in Cortona, Italy (Aug. 27-Sept. 3) is July 29-Aug. 1. If you'd like to know more about my WWW retreats, click here.
I'd love to meet you in Idyllwild for a retreat! We learn so much in such a short time, it's incredible.
Happy wrapping,


Judy said...

Beautiful bracelets! I have curious kitties too...always into something!
I noticed in your photography display you had a very cool prop...I have the same thing. Is it from an old cactus? I got mine in Arizona.

Sharilyn Miller said...

Hi Judy,
Yes, it's an old cactus that a friend gave me. She lives in Palm Desert, California.

askusaqsue said...

Just beautiful Sharilyn. Someday I'll have time to spend with you learning jewelry making...adding a few thing to my creative style.

Christine said...

Absolutely am in LVOE with the cuffs you have still learning all i can from your books and dvds on copper. Etching is new for me, just got the PCB etchant from Radio Shack the other day and cant wait to try it! would LOVE to go to your workshop - one day - i will! keep up the good work!!!

somethingunique said...

Hi Sharilyn, you have been such an inspiration to me in my wire work and i turn to your books often for referral, i would love one day to make it to one of your classes and this one sounds amazing,are you ever in the Detroit area? i live in Windsor Canada! Those cuffs are beautiful & i have one of those kittys, she spends many a late night in studio with me, late at night when everyone else is asleep is when i am most creative and she keeps my feet warm.
take care and enjoy your weekend ttfn Lana :)