Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun Making Art-Doll Necklaces

On Saturday a group of old friends (we won't say how old!) got together for a day of fun making art-doll necklaces. I was so happy to be invited to teach a workshop for this terrific group of artists. I've known some of them for more than a decade, and some were brand-new acquaintances.
Here they are, all gathered together at a nice big table under the lattice which helped shade us from the hot Costa Mesa sun! We began the day with coffee and yummy pastries...
Soon enough, it was time to get busy on our wire-woven art dolls. You can see that there's some serious concentration going on!
And laughter, too. It can be a challenge mastering several pieces of pesky wire!
I think they're starting to get somewhere by this time. The vintage doll torsos we worked with (many thanks to Carolyn for providing them for us!) were wrapped with wire and a skirt constructed... then comes weaving and embellishment.
In the following photo you can see one of the art dolls taking shape. She later was attached to a vintage bottle and embellished with red and black beads, very Spanish looking.
The sun got a little too hot for Jeri, so she took refuge inside and continued work on her lovely creation.
We broke for lunch, and Carolyn generously dished up some delicious Chinese chicken salad. We appreciated that, I can tell you!
Here's one of the more unusual dolls, nearly finished. Spider Woman! I love it.
One of our favorite art dolls was made by a woman with no prior experience working with wire. I think it's gorgeous, and very wearable.
The day finished around 4:30 pm and I had a very long drive back home to Idyllwild, but it was all well worth the experience, one I will not soon forget. Many thanks to all the lovely ladies who attended this workshop and I hope to see you all again soon!
Happy wrapping,


Dyche Designs said...

Looks like it was a fun time, despite the sun. Neat creations.

Linda Sinish said...

Your new wire doll creations have stired my desire. I can't wait for you to publish a tutorial for these beauties. Perhaps with 'Belle Armoire Jewelry'. Please let us know when/if it's published.

Thank you again for your wonderful design styles and creativity. - Linda