Friday, August 5, 2011

NEW Vintage Doll Necklace workshop

A good friend has asked me to teach for a private group of gals in south Orange County next week, and they requested a workshop on wire weaving. My friend sent me two vintage "frozen Charlotte" dolls to embellish with woven wire and beads, which was a real challenge for me because I don't tend to design Victorian-style jewelry.
The first necklace was made with sterling silver wire, small beads and pearls, and some vintage buttons I had purchased online. Came out nice, but I was not pleased with how short and wide I made the skirt. You can see it below:
After purchasing a few porcelain doll torsos online, I chose one with a hollow head and made another wire-woven and embellished necklace with copper wire, tiny beads, pearls, vintage buttons, and some of my gorgeous enameled headpins. I just finished it tonight and had to share it with you (see the top of this post).
I don't know why the copper doll has wings... it just came out that way. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the challenge of designing something way outside my usual style (I prefer ethnic jewelry!). In about a week I'll be teaching this design to a great group of gals and I really look forward to that.
Hope you all enjoy it!
Happy wrapping,


Patti said...

Hi Sharilyn,
What unique and wonderful creations! I love the idea of re-purposing some beautiful things so that they have a whole new life. Thank you for sharing!
Patti Bullard

Christine said...

these are wonderful! oh how i wish i could attend your workshop and learn this technique!

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