Monday, September 5, 2011

Evening Arrival in Stresa

It took an entire day to travel by train from Cortona to Stresa, Italy, but oh, was it worth the wait! I arrived in the late afternoon, grabbed a taxi to my inexpensive hotel (located just a minute's walk from the lakeshore), and immediately after dropping off my bags I headed down to the lakefront to snap some photos.
It had just rained apparently, and these two geese were enjoying the last few rays of sunshine of the evening.
I was surprised to see palm trees so far north in Italy. We're right on the border with Switzerland here. All is quiet; the tourists have gone back to their hotels or headed out to the restaurants and there are no ferries this late in the day.
One of my favorite flowers, hydrangea look gorgeous whether they bloom in my area of Southern California or in Stresa, Italy.
During my stroll, I captured this photo of a fountain in the park near the lakefront. But now I was getting really hungry; my last meal was at least 12 hours ago. So I headed out to the local pizza joint.
The outdoor seating was divine, right on the lake. A plexiglass window separates the tables from the public sidewalk, and the restaurant owners took advantage of the little area of ground between to grow some bell peppers.
Napoli pizza baked in a real wood-fired pizza oven! There is nothing better tasting in this world. A small bottle of Proseco washed it down nicely.
On my way back to the hotel, I got a picture of this hound waiting for his owner in an outdoor cafe. My mom loves hounds like this, so I took the photo just for her.
Here's the square, late evening just before sunset. A charming (and relatively inexpensive) outdoor restaurant is on the right. Very easy access from my hotel and the lake.
Scarves, scarves, scarves! Some very fine ones made in Italy, others are cheap imports from China and Pakistan. I bought some of each... I'm embarrassed to admit how many!
Finally heading up to bed for the night, and had to share this sign in the elevator: "The silence observed by everybody brings about a general relaxation." Indeed!

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