Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stresa: My Last Day in Italy

I had just one full day to enjoy Stresa before my departure for the USA early the next morning, so you know I had to take advantage of the ferry system. I bought a day-pass and traveled all over the lake. The photo above shows a typical ferry landing on one of the islands.
Water taxis and ferries run all day, taking passengers from one island to the next. In some cases, the water is very shallow! I thought the photo above captured this rather nicely.
More flowers... blooming even in September. We have these in California but it's nice seeing some old familiar faces in a foreign land.
Delightful paths and meandering sidewalks often end in charming staircases leading up to terraces and restaurants. What fun to spend an entire day exploring!
Typical photos of magnificent homes on the lake...
Wouldn't you love to live here? I would!
One of Europe's greatest charms is its wholehearted embrace of pets and their owners. You see dogs (on the leash) everywhere here: in restaurants, on ferries and water taxis, as well as in every park. They always seem to be smiling, just like their owners. Everybody's having a great time.
Another photo taken from the ferry. I love being on the lake!
Here's another ferry landing. It's simple to hop off and begin exploring the island immediately. No tour guides needed here!
Love the lake, the islands, the alps embracing it all...
Isola Madre ferry landing.
My last evening in Stresa, very much like my first: cool, cloudy, a hint of rain, a few rainbows. Magic!
For my last supper in Italy, I had Napoli Pizza on the Plaza in Stresa. What a gorgeous night...
My hotel was inexpensive, but safe, clean, and centrally located. The proprietress made me feel right at home, too. Ciao Italy, I miss you already!

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