Saturday, October 1, 2011

Arty Jewelry III Now in Printed Full Color!

I've been working really hard this past week preparing the contents of my recently published eBook, Arty Jewelry III, for sale as a printed and bound book via It looks great, and I'm really proud of the final result! If you really wanted to get Arty Jewelry III but aren't quite ready for eBooks, I now offer this terrific resource as a conventional, bound book that you can order anytime!
Here are the facts:
• Arty Jewelry III in printed form is only available via For a direct link, click here.
• You can preview the first 15 pages for free by clicking here.
• The book measures 7x7 inches and includes 160 pages of full-color close-up photos and text in large fonts, making it very easy to follow the detailed instructions.
• The book is printed on top-quality premium paper.
• Nine jewelry projects are included. All the text for making all of the projects from the eBook version is included, and most of the step-by-step photos. A few photos had to be edited out to make the contents fit within the pages of a 160-page bound book.
• There is no instruction on basic techniques such as making wrapped eye-pin loops, etc. as can be found in the eBook version of Arty Jewelry III. Also, no discussion of tools. If these resources are important to you, I encourage you to download the eBook version from or from The eBook is still on sale for just $7.99!
• The printed version of Arty Jewelry III retails for $40.59 (softcover) or $61.29 (hardcover image-wrap). Why so high? This is due to the fact that the book is a super high-end quality product made by print-on-demand technology, right here in the USA. I cannot compete with major book publishers who ship their products over to China and order thousands of books which are warehoused for years before they sell out. I'm not a major book publisher, I'm just an artist sharing her designs with others who would like to make beautiful and unusual wire jewelry creations.
• Regardless of what you pay for any of my books on, my royalty per book is just $5.
I hope you enjoy Arty Jewelry III. If you'd like to see photos of all nine projects in this book, click here.
Happy wrapping,

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