Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Snow

Our first snowfall of the winter, and it's gorgeous! I just took a few really quick pics to share... I'm going to try for more later. The sun was just rising over the mountain when I got this shot from my deck overlooking the national forest.
Ivy jumped out when I scattered some peanuts on the deck for our blue jays, but she came right back in! She's no fan of snow.
Time to fill the bird feeder...
Rosie's stationed in her favorite place, right in front of the heater vent!
Sparkle (Rosie's mom) says, "Hey you fools, get back in bed!"
Happy snow day to everyone,
Sharilyn, Ivy, Rosie, & Sparkle


Jenni said...

Gorgeous snow photos. Love your sweet cat, Rosie...she knows a good place to sit, that's for sure.

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