Friday, December 2, 2011

Wild Wire Women Retreat: Day 1

Day One of our Wild Wire Women retreat has come to an end, and above you can see the fruit of our labors: Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelets made with sheet metal, wire, vintage buttons, and beads. We had way too much fun today!
Here are my three students, clockwise from left: Kellie and Stephanie (from B.C. Canada) and Susan (from California). They look happy and energetic... that's because I took this photo first thing in the morning.
We started with a demonstration on how to design and create motifs suitable for sheet-metal pieces to incorporate into a bangle bracelet. After making several sketches (hearts, flowers, leaves, sea motifs, and more), we transferred our designs to the metal with a Sharpie pen.
Here you can see Stephanie sawing out a small hole in the center of her floral motif.
Here's Susan, sawing away!
After we sawed out our pieces and filed and polished the edges, we used a Dremel engraver to create lovely designs on the surface. Then we hammer-textured our metal pieces with various hammers and used metal stamps and daps as well as dimpling pliers to add fun designs.
Above you can see our finished metal motifs, ready to be attached to bangle bracelets.
Susan was thrilled with her finished bracelet!
After using patina on our bracelets (liver of sulfur) and polishing them, we headed upstairs for a lesson in jewelry photography.
We all made some fun, funky clasps for our bangles and it was important that we get good photos of them for future reference.
After a very full day in the workshop, it was time to head out for dinner at the Hidden Village Chinese restaurant, a local favorite. Here you can see Stephanie and Susan, champing at the bit!
And yet one more photo of Kellie, taking a portion of Sweet & Sour Pork... we all tried some of everything, and it was hard to decide which dish was our favorite. After working hard all day on jewelry, we had developed a big appetite!
The bracelet we made today is just one of nine projects featured in my latest book, Arty Jewelry IV, currently available as a printed full-color book via If you'd like to see a preview of the contents, click here.
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Jenni said...

Oh that looks like SO much fun...the results of day one are gorgeous..I love them all! Wish I could join your course one day ( Australia!)...but you never know! Will be looking for a day 2 post!

KayzKreationz said...

It looks like you all had a blast. I sooo wish I could have been there/attended. I'll check out your book, because I love those bracelets.

Shirley said...

That looks like way too much fun! I've never worked with metal before, so it also looks difficult, but tremendously beautiful. What a wonderful retreat!