Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blog update: Wild Wire Women retreat signups

I can't believe this much time has gone by since my last post! Yikes, and I meant to do so much better this year than last with regular blogging. Well, since I last wrote, a lot has happened:
• I turned 51 (and I feel great about it!).
• I'm in conversation with the folks at Interweave Press about producing another wire and metal-arts book (very excited about this).
• All of my dad's medical test results have come back A-OK, and he's 91 now... no heart disease, no cancer, no nuthin! That's something to celebrate.
Downton Abbey got its well-deserved Golden Globe for best TV miniseries, good for them! LOVE that show, love it, love it! The new season is fantastic.
• A sweet friend of mine who has been very ill for the past several months passed away this morning. I'm sad to see her go, but I know that she is pain-free now and with Jesus in Heaven, where she has always longed to be. I'm happy for her, actually, but also praying with concern for her family who will miss her terribly.
• I saw The Iron Lady and was bowled over by Meryl Streep's phenomenal performance. The movie itself was just OK; a little slow, and a bit depressing!
Four ladies have signed up for my March 22-26, 2012 Wild Wire Women retreat and two more have expressed strong interest. That means there are only two openings available for this date. Spring is a wonderful time to visit Idyllwild and enjoy the daffodils and other springtime flowers while avoiding the heat of summer. If you're interested in joining us, we'll be exploring:
• Wirework including beginning to intermediate techniques that can be used in many different jewelry designs...
• Metalsmithing basics including designing and cutting out metal shapes with shears and a jeweler's saw, forging and shaping, texturing with hammers, punches, stamps, and more, riveting, and (time permitting) some etching too!
• Introduction to torch-fire enameling including headpins, cutout metal shapes, and wire cage beads (pictured above).
Naturally we'll also do some jewelry photography, make our own headpins, design and finish original jewelry pieces, eat lots of great food, and have a terrific time. I'm really looking forward to it. For more information on my Wild Wire Women retreats, click here.
To email me for information, click here.
Hope to see you in Idyllwild this year!
Happy wrapping,


KayzKreationz said...

I would sooo love to take your workshop. Unfortunately I just can't swing that right now. But I love reading about your workshops and seeing what your students do in your workshop.

Shelby Foxwell said...

I'd love to say, I'll see you at the retreat but for now I have to stick to reading the blog and books. Yea! Great to hear there is possibly another in the works!

Shirley said...

This is definitely something to put on my wish list! What a fun time that would be!

Susan said...

OK....third time to try and write a comment. This is an amazing retreat. I went in Dec. and had so much fun and learned a lot. I am planning to do it again and learn more. Happy 51st birthday, Sharilyn. Will you be in Tucson?

Sharilyn Miller said...

I now have FOUR ladies signed up for the March 22-26 retreat, with two more who were interested in that date. If you would like to join us, be sure to contact me soon!
No, Susan, I won't be at Tucson this year. Maybe in 2013?

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday Sharilyn! I am happy that your retreat is filling up. I am still talking about ours in December and hope that I can find time to do it again. I talk about it so much that I can't keep your books on the shelf at the store!

Kellie said...

Forgot to mention thats great news about your Dad! Your parents are a hoot and I can't believe hiw well they are doing. Say hi to them from me.