Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New eBook & Video combo!

I just discovered that my publisher, Interweave Press, has launched an eBook version of Wire Art Jewelry Workshop packaged with a video download! You can order both for just $19.95; I think that's a real bargain.
To read more about this offer, click here.
Happy wrapping,
p.s. And congratulations to my dad, for today is his 91st birthday! He's in good health and very happily living independently with my mom in their cherished mountain home.
We are grateful for so many things this year...


KayzKreationz said...

That's great. And congrats to your Dad. I'm hoping your new Arty Jewelry IV will be an e-book soon. I just got my Nook and I'm looking for all kinds of Jewelry books to add to it. Plus I'm dying to get your Tribal Bracelet workshop DVD. :)

Mags Romantiska Smycken said...

I've been wandering around on your blog, and admire your jewelry and your talent, you are so good at your creation!
I live in Sweden,
How can I get your books? Want to learn me more ...

Hug Maggie