Thursday, March 8, 2012

Frozen Charlotte Doll in my etsy shop!

"Charlotte" is a new art-doll sculpture in my etsy shop! She is the second in a series of wire-sculpture art dolls that I have designed and made by hand.
Charlotte features a tiny vintage "Frozen Charlotte" doll torso and is intricately wire-wrapped with solid fine-gauge copper wire. She is embellished with crystals, beads and pearls, vintage crystal buttons, a silk flower, and lots of bead dangles. She has been artificially aged in a patina solution and polished. Due to the nature of copper wire, she will tarnish further over time, but she can easily be re-polished with a jewelry cloth (such as a Yellow Sunshine cloth available from jewelers).

Charlotte is a fantasy-style winged doll who measures 5-1/2 inches long by 3 inches wide at the skirt. Her woven-wire skirt is apron-style, circling the front half of the doll but not the back, making it easier to display her in a shadow box or something similar. The back of her neck has a twisted-wire loop, making it simple to suspend her for display purposes. She is rather large for a pendant, but some women could get away with wearing her on a necklace wire or something similar.
Charlotte is offered for sale at $325.
She will arrive well padded and packaged and insured. If a gift box and/or wrapping is needed, please request this in your comments. I'm happy to provide this service at no extra charge.
Happy shopping,

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Kathy said...

wow, such a unique and wonderful piece of art...bravo.