Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun in the Studio!

Our first day in the studio was incredibly busy and productive... We started with a lesson on etched cuff bracelets using an ink resist and rubber stamps.

The above photo isn't great because the lighting is overhead, but you get the idea.

Everyone in class made a gorgeous cuff and I was so proud of my students! There are five, plus me...

You can see that Laura (left) and Ellen are having too much fun. Maybe the wine has something to do with it, but I'm telling no tales.

In the afternoon, we did fold forming and texturing metal, with a bit of wire work thrown in. I demonstrated a heat patina too. Four of my students made pins, and one made a cuff bracelet.

And now we're back in the studio after enjoying a delicious dinner at Cafe Aroma. The girls are perusing my library of jewelry books and we're all working on another glass of wine!

Naturally, Ellen is back at work. Tomorrow, we break out the enamels...
Happy wrapping,

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