Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fun with Fold-Forming!

Susie and I had so much fun this weekend, making lots of jewelry with copper sheet and wire! She wanted to fold-form copper to make pins and cuffs, and I was happy to teach her. So above you can see the results of our efforts, from hammering and annealing metal over and over and over and over.... to shaping it into cuff bracelets, texturing the cuffs with various tools and punches, artificially aging them and polishing them to a bright finish.
The cuff pictured above is mine; I added a handmade chain and commercial toggle clasp to it, just to be sure that it won't ever come off my wrist. I love wearing this cool cuff!
And here's Susie's cuff. Amazing when you consider that two days ago, she'd never made a fold-formed jewelry piece in her life! But then, she's super talented.
And here's a gorgeous pendant that Susie made last August during our retreat in Cortona, Italy. We shopped the flea markets in Cortona and Arezzo, and many of us found wonderful brass medallions to use in our jewelry. Susie designed a gorgeous "Under the Tuscan Sun" background piece in copper, and then textured it beautifully before riveting on her found treasure, the brass medallion. It's a very successful piece, all the more so when you realize that this is Susie's first attempt at sawing out metal!
Here's a picture of my fold-formed pin, which was SO much fun and so easy-peasy to make. I loved texturing and punching the metal, and then I attempted to enamel the right-hand side with liquid enamel. Not so thrilled with the results, I must be honest! But Susie really liked my pin, so I gave it to her. My next goal as an artist is to perfect my skills with liquid enamel. I'll post my experiments here on the blog in future...
What do you think of these pins??? All by my friend Susie, of course. She couldn't believe what she was able to accomplish using scrap copper pieces. Sometimes it's best to experiment with little scraps because then you're not as intimidated by the materials, and you can just try different things without fear. Susie really made a lot of progress in a short period of time. She's now quite accomplished at fold-forming metal and she can't wait to teach her husband her new skills so they can start making jewelry together.
Finally, here's Ivy. She oversaw our adventures in the studio this weekend, occasionally taking long naps but a welcome presence nevertheless. I think every studio needs a good kitty like Ivy!
This coming Thursday I'll be hosting a Wild Wire Women retreat in my home in Idyllwild. Be sure to follow our experiences as I chronicle them here.
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KayzKreationz said...

Those are all great pieces. I love the cuff bracelet. And the found treasure riveted on the copper background is wonderful.

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