Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Opening in the Next Wild Wire Women Retreat!

The rush of mailing off my four-pack DVD bundles to winners of my recent contest is now over, and some of the winners have started notifying me that they've already received their free DVDs. How exciting for them! I love learning from DVDs myself, and in fact I just reviewed "Soldering Made Simple" by Joe Silvera. This DVD is fantastic, especially for an absolute beginner. I highly recommend it if you're just getting started in soldering. Joe also has a book with the same name, which I have read and recommend for beginners. It has 39 Five-Star reviews on and 203 "likes."
Anyway, now that my contest is over I'm getting ready for my next Wild Wire Women retreat, to be held here in Idyllwild, California on May 24-28. I have four ladies signed up now, with room for ONE more, so if you're thinking about attending, why not take the plunge?
Here's our itinerary:
Thursday evening: arrival and meet-and-greet with wine and cheese, followed by dinner out at Cafe Aroma
8 am Breakfast; 9 am Introduction to metal arts including cutting and/or sawing out a cuff bracelet, and etching a cuff with a stamped design
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Metal arts including annealing and pickling metal, fold-forming a big cuff, texturing the surface with hammers and various tools
8 am Breakfast; 9 am Making headpins with a kitchen torch, enameling them, torch-fire enameling cutout metal shapes and beads
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Engraving metal pieces for pendants and/or a cuff (optional) plus micro fold-forming; time permitting we will make a Biker Chick Bangle as well 
8 am Breakfast; 9 am Workshop: Emphasis on wire-working: links, chains, creative charms; time permitting I will demonstrate fine-silver fusing to make links
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Continuation of wire-working, plus using liver of sulfur, polishing jewelry, using the tumbler; also: Jewelry photography using the EZCube system
8 am Breakfast; departure after breakfast
This retreat is restricted to five participants because we are using a torch for enameling and we'll also be doing lots of annealing, fine-silver fusing, and if we can squeeze it in I will also introduce some basic soldering too... so it just gets too crowded with more than five students. Most jewelry classes that I have attended are way too big (in my opinion) and this leaves little time for individualized attention.
If you'd like to join us on May 24-28, please email me for more information and also visit my blog with information on the retreats here.
If you can't join us this time, I have several more dates set aside for retreats in the future. See my blog for more info...
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Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Thank you again for the dvd's I was so excited I made a video the day I received my dvd's. I am loving watching them and 1 of them I have already watched 3 times!
Thanks again and I love that deer picture.

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