Friday, June 29, 2012

ON SALE: Arty Jewelry III & Arty Jewelry IV

I just discovered that my newest eBooks, Arty Jewelry III and Arty Jewelry IV, are both on sale!
Normally $9.99 (and a bargain at that; many single tutorials sell for the same or even more than my eBooks, which feature nine tutorials each), right now you can download Arty Jewelry III (pictured below) or Arty Jewelry IV (pictured above) for $8.19 from Barnes & Noble or
Arty Jewelry III features nine original jewelry designs, each one stepped out in detail with a total of 421 full-color photos.
Learn to make the Embellished Copper Washer bracelet on the cover, plus my Ice Cream Cone earrings, a Crazy Daisy pin, Cleopatra's earrings, the Silver Swirl stickpin, a heart-shaped Woven Treasures pendant, easy-peasy One Minute earrings, the Fleur-De-Link bracelet, and a Double-Spiral Heart pin. Plus, tools and materials, resources, and web links. A great value for just $8.19 while it's on sale!
Arty Jewelry IV also offers nine original jewelry projects, each one stepped out in detail with a total of 294 full-color photos. Make rings using your grandmother's silver cutlery, wire-weave an antique dolly pendant, make colorful cage beads with torch-fire enameling, etch copper tubing beads for a fun ethnic-style necklace, make Winged Things earrings and the Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelet, fashion Wingy Dingy enameled wire earrings, a grungy 8-gauge wire bangle, and finish with a brooch and pendant made from a vintage button. Plus, details on the tools and materials needed to make the jewelry, web links, and resources. A terrific value, especially while it's on sale right now for $8.19.
I don't control the sale prices at or at, so if you want to get the sales price I would jump on these deals right away. Here are the direct links:
Any questions? Feel free to email me.
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nancy john said...

Nice post about jewelry i like it.

KayzKreationz said...

Thanks so much for the post. I got Arty Jewelry IV when it became available for the Nook, so will check out III now. And I love my DVD's I won. Am trying to get them all watched and then reviewed on my blog.

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