Monday, July 23, 2012

Classes Chosen for Retreat this Weekend!

My next Wild Wire Women retreat begins on Thursday, and we have finally chosen the workshops and classes that will fill our days from Friday morning through Sunday night. It's going to be pretty intensive, but I believe that we will get through it! Thursday evening begins with a welcome dinner at Cafe Aroma, followed by a good night's sleep (we'll need it) and a hearty breakfast on Friday.
Our first workshop begins at 9 am: fold-forming metal to make a cuff (pictured above) or a pin. Because we don't have an entire day to devote to this, I'm going to encourage everyone to take it easy and make a pin, but it is possible to make a simple fold-formed cuff in a half-day. We'll be annealing metal, forging it, texturing and stamping it, and basically beating it into submission to make something gorgeous...
After a delicious lunch, we're back in the studio to design a Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelet (pictured above), featuring a sawn-out metal piece that's textured forged, stamped, punched, and engraved. Then we'll attach our flowers to a heavy-gauge wire bangle bracelet and make coiled-wire segments, metal charms, and a handmade clasp. Time permitting, we'll use liver of sulfur to add an antique finish to our jewelry.
On Saturday, we'll fortify ourselves with a good breakfast before beginning our project for the day: the Ethnic Coin Necklace (pictured above). This class features lots of wire work, including a handmade clasp, riveting, twisting heavy-gauge wire, and making various wire links.
Some of the students asked about using copper tubing to make beads, and so I'm going to fit in a demo on this and we'll probably incorporate a few textured copper tubing beads into our Ethnic Coin Necklaces but those students who are really ambitious can try making an entire bracelet instead... they are likely to be up all night at this! We are also going to make our own balled headpins with a torch and I'll give a quick demo on torch-fire enameling. I think we'll finish the day with a big margarita!
Sunday will arrive with another challenge: To make as many bead wraps and links from my two 10 Trippy Tricks workshops (pictured above and below) as possible in one day without killing ourselves. You see, each necklace usually takes an entire day to make because there are 10 "tricks" in each one. But given the fact that some of the links from these necklaces will have already been demonstrated previously, I believe we might, just might, complete all the instruction from them in one day. I make no promises, though!
Using liver of sulfur to darken our jewelry, polishing techniques, and then some jewelry photography in the EZ Cube system will finish our weekend. It will be very exciting to see what my students come up with and how many jewelry pieces they actually finish in our three days together. I tend to pack about four days' worth of instruction into three intensive days, so I have high expectations of productivity from them! I hope they're ready for it...
If you think you'd like to join us for this incredible weekend of workshop instruction, there is still time to sign up. I have three spaces available, and adult female students are welcome to participate. For information, just email me (soon!).
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