Saturday, July 28, 2012

Working Hard, Playing Hard, Drinking Hard?

Our first day in the studio (yesterday) was somewhat grueling... You can see Jody adding texture to a fold-formed metal piece, which may later become a pin or a pendant. We're still undecided. Meanwhile, she also made a gorgeous metal flower for a beautiful bangle with a creative wire clasp. We haven't used liver of sulfur on our jewelry pieces yet, so photos will have to wait until tomorrow.
Pictured above you can see sisters Jackie (left) and Ronnie, taking a break after working really hard on their jewelry pieces. Today we worked on Ethnic Coin Necklaces and also incorporated some textured copper tubing beads into our designs.
Ivy is our studio mascot!
After a tough day in the studio, raspberry margaritas were a well-deserved treat.
Jody kept saying, "I don't drink!" but we've got the evidence now that she can hoist a pitcher of margaritas with the best of us...
Mmmmmmm... fajitas! Need I say more?
Today we worked very long hours, and by the afternoon it was time for another glass of wine. What time was it? Who knows, we just call it wine-o-clock-time! Well, the truth is that we really did work hard and we accomplished a lot in one very full day of work and play. We all finished our Ethnic Coin Necklaces by the end of the afternoon, and Ronnie (pictured above) actually made two! Naturally, we hate her. She says it's A.D.D.; I say it's talent and perseverance.
Tonight the girls have gone out for dinner again, and I opted to stay here to update the blog and do a load of laundry. And get to bed early, because we're going to tackle two 10 Trippy Tricks necklaces in one day! And make some enameled headpins, artificially age our jewelry in liver of sulfur, and photograph all of our jewelry pieces. Like I said, I'm hitting the sack early tonight!
More tomorrow...

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