Saturday, August 25, 2012

Second Day of Our Wild Wire Women Retreat

I can't believe it's already day 2 of our Wild Wire Women retreat! Seems like only yesterday I was meeting Kim and Priya (pictured above) and Heidi for the first time, and having a delicious welcome dinner at Cafe Aroma.
Well, actually it was Thursday night. Since then, we've covered a lot of ground in the classroom!
Above you can see Kim creating some headpins with a torch. We actually began our first day with etching on copper to make some beautiful cuffs. In the photo below, you can see Heidi removing her etched cuff from the pickle pot. Although we cleaned them thoroughly after removing the copper from the etchant, we still felt that five minutes in a citric-acid based pickle solution would make a final cleaning... and it worked out great.
Here are three very, very happy students showing off their etched cuffs. I know, you can't see the cuffs very well in this photo, but you'll get a better view of them in tomorrow's post. We have artificially aged them in liver of sulfur today, but we were too tired for a proper photo session so that will have to wait until tomorrow evening.
Lots of fundamentals were covered in class over the past two days. In the image below, you can see Priya sawing out a very complicated design for a sunflower motif, which she used today to make a Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelet. It came out gorgeous!
Obviously, Priya was very happy with her bracelet! You'll get a better photo of the finished bracelet tomorrow, when I can photograph everyone's jewelry in better lighting. For now, I'm just thrilled to see the happy smiles on my students' faces...
Another project we worked on for most of today was the Embellished Pin and Pendant. Everyone made a beautiful jewelry piece and we'll show them to you tomorrow. I also fit in a short demo on fusing fine silver wire to make links, hearts, etc. and we textured copper tubing beads to make them look like ancient artifacts.
The photos above and below show you a collection of glaze-fired ceramic beads made by Heidi, a student who came all the way from North Carolina to participate in a retreat. She lives in a community where they share a ceramic studio with kilns and glazes, workshops, lectures, etc. and after just a few weeks of training she was able to make some truly collectible ceramic beads. The photos do not do them justice, because the colors are just stunning!
Here's Heidi, showing off her Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelet embellished with two of her own handmade ceramic beads. I think she's proud of her efforts, and so she should be!
Tomorrow we'll devote the day to making lots of beautiful links and charms to assemble a Fruit of the Vine necklace. It's going to be a very full, busy, fun day in the studio, and I'm already looking forward to it. We'll also have a jewelry photography session using my EZ Cube system, which I love. Stay tuned!
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