Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Three Openings in Retreat Next Week!

Another Wild Wire Women retreat begins on Thursday evening, August 23, in my mountain home in Idyllwild!
We have an incredible lineup of classes planned for a very intensive weekend of metal working and wire art jewelry, including etching, forging and texturing metal, sawing, filing and polishing, engraving, fine-silver fusing, altering metal and patinas, plus lots and lots of wire working (coiling, spiraling wire, making our own creative clasps, twisted-wire worm beads, Celtic knot links, funky wire charms, squigglies, and more...
Pictured above: Etched cuffs made by my students during a recent Wild Wire Women retreat.
Pictured below: The Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelet.
Our itinerary includes etching metal for pendants or cuffs and torching our own headpins, then the Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelet which may include engraving metal, forging and texturing, or we may use etched metal pieces in the final design... you never know!
Next, on Saturday we'll make a beautifully forged and textured pin (pictured below) with lots of beaded embellishment and wire squigglies. This set of techniques can also be used to make a pendant or a cuff bracelet, we'll just see what everyone decides to make.
Another request students made was a demo on fine-silver fusing, which I am happy to do for them. I'll show how to use an ordinary kitchen torch to make beautiful silver links and charms that can be used in a variety of different ways in our jewelry. The bracelet pictured below is just one example of what can be made with fine-silver fused links.
If you like working with copper tubing from the hardware store, this next workshop is for you! We will cut our own tubing into beads and then use a variety of methods to texture them, adding heavy-gauge wire to turn them into links with lavish wire embellishing. The beads can be used in a bracelet like the ones pictured below, or they can be used in necklaces or other jewelry pieces.
On Sunday, we'll devote ourselves to a total immersion into wire-art jewelry with the Fruit of the Vine necklace (pictured below). This is another intensive workshop, and it might be a challenge to fit everything into one day because there's so much to cover!
One of the benefits of a retreat such as mine is that you have a lot more time each day to complete your projects than you would in a typical class held at a bead show or mixed-media convention. It's just possible that we will all finish our elaborate Fruit of the Vine necklaces by the end of the day... and we still have to use a liver of sulfur patina on all of our jewelry pieces from the weekend, and have a jewelry photography session in the evening. Whew! We have our work cut out for us, that's for sure.
Fortunately, our weekend will also include lots of great food because we're going to need it. We begin the retreat with a delicious dinner at Cafe Aroma on Thursday evening, and every day I provide a yummy breakfast and hearty lunch plus beverages and snacks to keep everyone fueled up.
Every weekend is a bit different, but I usually serve a big salad and/or sandwich bar one day, pasta with organic sauce and sausages another day, my famous potato bar with delicious toppings, or sometimes we make our own quesadillas for lunch. I use high-quality, organic produce and dairy in all of my meals. We also have lots of chocolate on hand!
The retreat coming up next week still has three openings, if you like the workshops we'll be participating in and you'd like to join us. We're going to have a terrific time together and we will learn tons of new techniques, and make new friends as well. Sound like fun?
For more information on my Wild Wire Women retreats including fees and what's included, click here.
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I hope to see you in Idyllwild!
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