Monday, August 27, 2012

Wild Wire Women Retreat: Jewelry!

Well, it's the end of another Wild Wire Women retreat, and wow, I'm exhausted but so PROUD of my students! They're not only talented, but such hard workers. We were up 'til late every night, working on our jewelry samples. The etched cuffs pictured above are by (clockwise from top-left): Priya, Kim, me, and Heidi.
One of my favorite Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelets was made by Priya, the "Spent Sunflower" bangle pictured above. Priya was somewhat new to sawing, so she designed a rather ambitious image of a multi-petaled sunflower, with curled petals and lots of texturing.
I also love how Kim's "Flower Power" bangle (pictured above) turned out! This bracelet, like Priya's, features some gorgeous handmade ceramic beads that Heidi made. She very generously shared her stash with us!
Pictured above you can see Heidi's "Santa Fe" bangle bracelet, featuring ceramic beads she made herself. Can you believe that she's never really worked with metal before? Talk about a natural talent!
Here's my "Butterfly Blues" bangle bracelet. Cute!
Heidi wanted to use a locket in her necklace, which she made on Sunday. I taught my popular Fruit of the Vine necklace, and it was interesting to see how each student interpreted the theme. I taught them how to make twisted-wire jump rings and worm beads, the Celtic Knot link, coil-wrapped beads, spirals, charms, copper tubing bead connectors, wrapped eye-pins, and a handmade clasp.
The necklace above is my sample from Sunday's class, featuring large ceramic disk beads that Heidi made.
Priya decided to make a pendant during our Bead Embellished Pin (or pendant) workshop yesterday. She decided not to antique it in LOS.
Pictured above is my sample pin from yesterday's class.
And take a look at Heidi's heart-shaped pendant embellished with beads and pearls!
Pictured above is Priya's finished necklace. Gorgeous!
And finally, Kim's beautiful necklace from today's workshop, featuring an embellished pendant made yesterday. Everyone learned so much... had so much fun... ate great food... made good friends! A perfect retreat experience, I believe. I'll sure miss these gals when they're gone!
Happy wrapping,


Salim Reza said...
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Toby Neal said...

Dear Sharilyn,
I just wanted to track you down to thank you for your wonderful, positive reviews on my Lei Crime novels...and to find you are a jewelry artist is awesome, I've made glass beads and jewelry for years and collect!
I just wanted to thank you again for your kind words and tell you that with fans like you, we Indie writers can go forth and prosper. If you are ever on Maui, I'd love to meet in person and collect a piece of your jewelry.
Much aloha and future friendship,
Toby Neal
PS. You are gonna LOVE Black Jasmine. Comes out in October--my strongest book yet.