Monday, September 17, 2012

Four openings in the next Wild Wire Women retreat!

I have four openings in the next Wild Wire Women retreat to be held in my mountain home in Idyllwild, California. Would you like to join us for three intensive days of classes on metal arts and wire jewelry? Sign up for the Sept. 27-Oct. 1 retreat and we'll have a great time together.
I also have some openings in the remaining weekends for 2012:
October 11-15 (FOUR openings)
November 8-12 (THREE openings)
November 29-December 3 (SIX openings)
December 6-10 (SIX openings)
December 13-17 (SIX openings)
We don't start getting snow up here until after Christmas, so the weather should be very fine. I hope to see you in Idyllwild soon! For information on my Wild Wire Women retreats, click here.
To email me for more information, click here.
Happy wrapping,

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Angela Alvin said...

Wild Wire Women retreats are designed for adult women who wish to spend quality time in a relaxed environment where they can concentrate on learning new jewelry-making skills. "Relaxed concentration" is the ideal we aim for, and we quickly drop into this mode of consciousness as the stress of daily life simply drops away.
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