Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wild Wire Women retreat begins tomorrow!

Our Wild Wire Women retreat begins tomorrow evening with dinner at Cafe Aroma, an Idyllwild favorite. And then we dive right into the classes, starting on Friday morning with 10 Trippy Tricks 1 (pictured above), which features at least 10 different wire bead wraps and links, with a handmade clasp.
On Saturday we'll tackle the Metallo del Fiore bangle bracelet (pictured above), which can take on many different forms. Last time I taught this class, everyone made a totally different metal motif for her bangle. I made a butterfly instead of my usual flower, and it was fun to see the different designs that each artist came up with. If you'd like to see their creative results, click here.
On Sunday, we'll dive back into wirework with the 10 Trippy Tricks 2 necklace, again featuring 10 or more different wire bead wraps and links with a handmade clasp. We'll also antique all of our jewelry in liver of sulfur, polish it, and photograph it using my EZ Cube system. There's a lot to learn and explore in three days, and I'm sure that my students will come up with some amazing pieces. I always say, my students are the most creative and talented jewelry artists anywhere!
To follow us, just check in with this blog over the weekend. I'm going to try to blog every day, but if we have a very, very busy and exhausting day I may have to skip one. But no worries, everything will be caught up by Sunday night. I'm really looking forward to seeing what my students create...
And I still have four openings in my October 11-15 Wild Wire Women retreat, just in case you're interested. Find more information by clicking here.
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