Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wild Wire Women Retreat: A Grand Finish!

First, a picture of my flirty cat, Sparkle! She likes to join us sometimes in the studio. Next, a studious Barbara working hard on her engraving:
To make a beautiful brooch that fastens with a spiral stick-pin:
And here's Iryna, filing her petroglyph pendant (she spent at least an hour filing, sanding and polishing the finished piece):
I absolutely love how her pendant came out, and her earrings made with twisted-wire jump rings. Keep in mind, prior to this weekend Barbara and Iryna had never really worked with metal or wire to make jewelry.
Here's Iryna's bracelet, made with caged beads and twisted-wire jump rings:
And Barbara's textured metal earrings:
And finally, Barbara's cage-bead bracelet:
I really enjoyed this weekend with my two students, and I was sorry to see them leave! But I know they learned a tremendous amount in a very short time, and will come back for more when they recover from all of their hard work. I really put them both through their paces! But I think they found it all worthwhile....
Would you like to join us for a Wild Wire Women retreat in two weeks? I have four openings in my next event, scheduled for October 11-15. For more information on my retreats, click here.
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Susie said...

These are beautiful, even if these artists were seasoned wire workers.
And Sparkle is gorgeous, too!

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