Friday, October 5, 2012

NEW: 20% Off Printed Books, Arty Jewelry Series is offering a 20% discount on printed books, through October 23, 2012! Now when you order any one of my four Arty Jewelry books in printed form, use the promo code FANS at checkout and you'll save 20 percent.
I have five titles with 100 Art Jewelry Inspirations (not pictured), Arty Jewelry (pictured above), Arty Jewelry II, Arty Jewelry III, and Arty Jewelry IV.
These books are all available as eBooks as well.
My first Arty Jewelry book offers 11 different wire jewelry tutorials, each one original and geared for the jewelry artist with some wire experience. All of the projects are photographed closeup, with meticulous instructions. To see images of all 11 projects in Arty Jewelry, click here.
Arty Jewelry II (pictured above) features 10 project tutorials, and is a bit advanced over the first Arty Jewelry book. If you'd like to see images of the projects, click here.
Arty Jewelry III (pictured above) offers 9 new jewelry tutorials including one of my most popular workshops, the spiral-embellished copper washer bracelet featured on the cover. If you'd like to see photos and descriptions of the projects offered in this book, click here.
Arty Jewelry IV is my most recent title and it also features 9 new jewelry tutorials, each photographed in full color with plenty of step-by-step photos and great instructions. Try your hand at enameled cage beads, Winged Things earrings, my incredible wire-woven vintage doll, engraved metal, vintage button brooch, and more. Photos and descriptions of all 9 projects are provided here.
When you order my books from, you can get them in paperback or hardbound. They measure 7x7 inches, the perfect size to slip into your jewelry box or bag to take with you on the road. Each book is printed on high-quality paper and the text is large, bold, and easy to read (great for those of us who are 50-plus!). Remember, use your coupon code FANS when you check out to receive 20% off each title.
And if you prefer eBooks over printed and bound books, all four titles are available on and to read on your kindle, nook, smart phone, iPad, etc. Current prices for my eBooks:
Arty Jewelry: $9.99
Arty Jewelry II: $9.99
Arty Jewelry III: $8.19
Arty Jewelry IV: $8.19
More information on all four titles can be found by clicking here.
Happy wrapping!

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